Administrative Professionals: Facilitators, Problem Solvers, Leaders–Break Into The Profession!

IAAP recently released their annual bench-marking survey with a great infographic (see on the front page of my website).

It’s a great time to be an Administrative Professional–did you know:

  • Administrative professionals’ wage increases, on average, have outpaced the cost of living by 13%?
  • Over 65% of administrative professionals wield an average of $20,000 of spending authority for their businesses?
  • 23% of administrative professionals earn $60,000 or more?
  •  50% of administrative professionals support only 1-2 executives, or administer departments or processes?

Administrative professionals are business people who are Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in the smooth, effective running of their businesses.

You can be a success as an administrative professional–break into this career! Ask me how!